Information EnduroGP

Information EnduroGP

Information EnduroGP

The tension is already literally in the air! In less than a week, this year’s EnduroGP kicks off in Dahlen, Saxony. Not only the world’s best enduro riders are expected, but also numerous spectators and fans.

To cope with the number of visitors in the small town, we made every effortn to ensure a well-organised event. This includes the creation of interactive maps, which already provide an excellent overview of all important locations and are updated constantly.

The paddock is located in the commercial area in the southern part of Dahlen. However, the first port of call for each participant should be the Welcome Center located in close proximity to the paddock. The headquarter, press office and all other organisational facilities are located in the Dahlen Primary School. This ist also the place of the administrative control  of german championship and national classes, while the
administrative control  of the World Cup classes, including Open Cup, will take place on the Dahlen market via promoter team Alain and Bastien Blanchard, right at their promotion truck. The technical control begins with the Phone measurement, also at the elementary school, while the final control takes place directly at the marketplace, where the Parc Ferme will be located. The test track is located in the area of the super test. 

Parc Fermé on the Dahlen market

At 6pm on Thursday evening, there will be a public press conference with the three reigning world and German enduro champions at Dahlen Town Hall. Afterwards, at about 7 p.m., a large rider presentation will take place on the marketplace, followed by an autograph session.

Prologue-Photo: Thorsten Horn

The racing starts Friday with the super test at the Heidestadion at 5pm. The DEM riders will start first, while the EnduroGP-field will follow from 7pm. However, the Open Cup Riders will not contest the prologue, as will the participants of the national group. Riders who are eligible for the DEM predicate classes starting in the Open Cup classes will participate at the super test.

On race days, the start is at 9 a.m. EnduroGP classes E1, E2, E3 will be the first to compete, followed by the Junior and Youth Classes. This is followed by the DEM rider’s field, which will be mixed with the open-class two-stroke and four-stroke riders. Open Cup seniors riders as well as the national class will start last. EnduroGP-classes and german Championship starters will three rounds, all other two.

More information about special examinations, route and interesting spectator points will follow in the next days.

All further information about the event as well as the starter list are provided on the “EnduroGP-page

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